Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New FS ride report

Ride reports are inherently kinda dumb - lots of words like "flow" and "flickable" and "plush" that don't really mean much to anyone but the person writing the review.

However, I will say that I'm very happy with my new frame. It indeed rides very quickly both uphill and down, the suspension keeps the wheels stuck to the trail when I'm attempting to get around corners quickly, and I even managed to put a second or two into Steiny (he must have been taking it easy on me) on a *descent* today.

So, thus far, a smashing success. It's easy to get air, it's easy to throw around in corners, but it's pretty good at holding a line on the fast rough stuff too thanks to the slack head tube and big trail number. Exactly what I like for riding around here.

That being said, I've done a single 2 hour ride, which had maybe 5 minutes of downhill singletrack in it. But the curved seat tube did not disintegrate, the bike handles like a dream so far, and nothing even came loose, despite the fact that I assembled the thing in a hurry late at night. Great Success!

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