Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wheel prices for 2012 (and, well, for now)

I get asked about wheel prices a TON, so I thought I'd do a quick post with the prices of some popular options to (hopefully?) save everyone some time. Of course, these prices are subject to change (usually up, very rarely down) without any notice, so treat them as a guideline rather than the last word on the subject.

Wheels are available only to frame customers. Prices do NOT include shipping. 26, 650b (when available), or 29" rims have no effect on the price, and I don't build tons of road bikes, so I have not listed any road wheels here - email me for a quote if you're interested.

Without further ado:

ZTR hubs laced to any Stan's rim (ie Crest/Arch/Flow): $350*
Hope Pro 2 hubs laced to any Stan's rim: $520*
DT Swiss 240 hubs laced to any Stan's rim: $650*
Stans' Race Gold/Podium MMX (note: weight limit!): $520
Easton EA90XC: $700
Easton Haven (15mm TA only): $700
Easton Haven carbon (15mm TA only): $1550
Bontrager Race X lite: $620
Bontrager Rhythm Elite: $355
Bontrager Rhythm Pro: $600
Bontrager Rhythm Comp: $271
Shimano XT (MT75): $390

And yes, I can get ENVE (used to be EDGE) wheels too. They are sick, and expensive!

ENVE: DT Swiss 240 hubs (QR or 15mm) laced to Enve XC or AM carbon rims: $1600
ENVE: King hubs (QR or 15mm) laced to Enve XC or AM carbon rims: $1675

Singlespeed rear hubs will generally add $25-50. If you prefer to build your own wheels, I can sell you the component parts of *most* of these wheelsets for somewhat less money.

*Note that all Stan's wheels are laced/built by the Notubes guys unless you'd prefer them built by my wheel guru Steve Lawlor (highly recommended!) for an extra $100.