Monday, December 12, 2011

New stuff out the door

Shipped out Kurt's FS bike and Andy came to pick up his near-opposite rigid hardtail today as well. Interestingly, Kurt was getting an FS to join the hardtail I built him a few years ago, while Andy was doing the inverse and adding a hardtail to join his FS.

As always, a quick geometry summary.

Kurt's 29" FS:
-71 HTA, 73 STA
-18" seat tube, 24" (61cm) toptube
-100mm travel front/rear, with a TALAS fork that can go to 120 travel (and slack back the HTA by a degree) when needed.
-45cm chainstays, 29" standover
-Direct mount derailleur, tapered steerer, all the new stuff.
-For all-around XC, with TALAS for the gnar (if needed)

Andy's 22# Rigid Wonder:
-71 HTA, 73.5 STA
-20" seat tube, 24.6" (62.6cm) toptube
-Zero travel! But suspension corrected for 100mm if Andy wants some bounce down the road.
-44cm chainstays, 32" standover
-Direct mount, no taper, nice XTR 2x build. Sick!
-For going uphill fast, and downhill somewhat less fast than on his dualie, probably.


Mike. said...

If you actually weighed it, what is that weight on that FS frame? By the numbers looks to be in my size...

Walt said...

Hey Mike -

It's not super light - 7# with the shock. There are some ways to bring that down (getting rid of the super sloping toptube and crossbrace being a significant one) but Kurt wanted lots of standover, so that was the way we went.