Saturday, December 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street vs. Night Riding?

Check it out: the city of Boulder is looking to make it illegal to be on open space land at night, in order to get rid of the occupy folks camped out on the lawn of the municipal building. That would also mean no hiking, running, climbing, or biking at night, of course. Stargazing from the meadow at Chautauqua? Illegal!

I have to say it - this is a new low in Boulder city government stupidity. The protesters have *already* violated the law which requires them to get a permit for any event with more than 25 people. Apparently, as is unfortunately typical in Boulder, instead of enforcing the law or, alternately, coming up with a better solution, the city is looking to pass *yet another* law that probably won't be enforced.

Think this is stupid? Email Jane Brautigan and tell her so:

Note that you should not take anything I've written here to be an endorsement OR a criticism of Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Boulder.


Ed said...

Thank goodness!!! Now I don't feel so embarrassed about getting suckered in by the troll MTBR post about Boulder implementing a bicycle tagging program - Boulder CAN be that wacky :-)


taryn said...

Looks like they already thought of that: "Von Keyserling said the rule would not prevent people from biking or walking through city parks during those hours." Just don't stop moving for too long.

Feldy said...

FWIW, Jeffco open space is all closed 1 hour (?) after dusk.

I realize you're not commenting on Occupy anything, but I bet 99% of the world's custom 36ers are owned by 1% of the gear whores. Or something like that.