Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We lose

Councilman Appelbaum pretty much summed it up:

Councilman Matt Appelbaum went a step further and said he doesn't want any human access to the property.

"It's not that mountain bikes are the problem," he said. "It's anything that's the problem."

I do not even know where to begin calling out the hypocrisy in Mr. Appelbaum's statements, but I'm almost too angry about the whole process to write coherently, so I'll say this: vote for the BMA/BOA endorsements for City Council.

I expect that a lot of people will throw up their hands at this point and just start poaching trails. I cannot say I blame them, though I don't condone it. CC has made an enemy out of every reasonable mountain biker in Boulder.


Ed said...

It's pitiful. I feel for you guys.


Anonymous said...

Dear Councilman Matt Appelbaum,

We regular viewers of this blog will do all that we can to see that you are not re-elected to this or any other office.
Now get the local "Occupy Wall Street" guys to sit in front of his office. Tell them that is where free pizza will be delivered!
Lets get this scum out of office!
Regular viewer of this blog

Dave S said...

As a Longmont resident who has volunteered tons of hours on OSMP lands over the years via the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol, I'm disappointed too; but I lack the ability to help make a difference at the ballot box. Wish I could though! However, I'll continue to do what I can with the patrol to help dispel the negative stereotypes that exist about MTBers.

Boulder city MTBers, get out and vote!!