Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some random stuff FS, also, who left their shoes?

First, if you are the person who left their (large, Shimano) shoes and clipless pedals in a bag on my porch, please let me know why... and what I should be doing with them! If I don't figure it out soon, they're going to community cycles!

Second, I have two items for sale that are somewhat odd. Hal has swapped to riding rigid, so he no longer needs these items and was kind enough to trade them to me for some tuneup/assembly work:

-White Brothers BW.8 through-axle disc fork. Yes, an 80mm fork with a 20mm through axle. It's in great shape with good seals/sliders/air and damping cartridges/etc. $100 or FREE with a frame order.

-XT/A719 wheelset. 36 spokes laced up 3x, super beefy. XT rear hub, TXQuando (generic) 20mm front. 6 bolt on both ends, in great shape and ready to ride. Good training wheels or alternately a great setup for a freeride wheelset on a budget. $100, or, once again, free if you order a frame to go with.

-You can buy the wheels and fork together if you'd like for $175.

-Brand new Elixir CR 160mm brakeset (front and rear). Got the wrong color for Todd - they are red, and he does not like red! Never mounted or used, ready to rock. $300 for the set, or $200 if you order a frame to match.

Drop me a line if any of those items sound interesting.

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Hassan said...

Damn, it's a good thing i didn't leave anything at your place!