Sunday, June 26, 2011

PSA: Bikelugs tubing now in stock... and super, duper cheap!

It looks like Kirk Pacenti has pulled off another one of his framebuilding coups (he's the fellow who invented off-road 650b) - he's got a new run of True Temper-made tubing in stock that is pretty much the same stuff that TT makes and sells direct - but he's selling individual tubes for 20-25% less than the box-quantity price from TT.

Amazing deals. If you're a builder, check it out:


muddytrail said...'ll be able to make cheaper frames? :-)

Mark said...

What does everyone have against 720mm x 35mm and 38mm 9/6/9 DT's?

His prices are really nice though. I wonder if it will stay that way?