Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick pic for Hassan

An east-coast, mud-friendly road bike. She'll take long-reach caliper brakes, up to about 30c tires comfortably, and fenders when needed. Perfect for those long New England dirt road rides, the office park crit this weekend, or anything in between.

The perlescent white is pretty cool looking, though it's hard to see it very well in this photo. And yes, that's a lugged crown road fork. Yes, I will make you one too if you want one (or a segmented crown, your call). Or, if you order soon, you can get one of the Edge forks I scored earlier this year instead... I've got 2 left.


joel said...

what a beauty!
downtube shifters eh?

Walt said...

No, it'll have STI. I like the little adapters better than most of the existing options for screw-adjust STI stops, so I still use the DT type most of the time. And if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken shifter - you can usually scrounge up a downtube one.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Can't wait to ride it to Earl's.

steve garro said...

You too, huh? - Garro.