Tuesday, March 15, 2011

West TSA City Council Meeting: Tonight!

From the BMA:

Bottom line: it will be a tedious and acrimonious evening. You will wish you were anywhere else. But if enough mountain bikers show up and politely ask for what we want, we stand a good chance of gaining a lifetime of access to great new trails. You decide if it's worth it.

As an aside, I was chatting with one of the SOS Boulder ladies (ostensibly the enemy, I am not the type to get mad at people for their opinions about bike trails) and she revealed that her secret for the meetings (holding up a Nalgene bottle) was gin & tonic! A hilarious (and smart!) woman.

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NickS said...

So I was last but 1 to speak. Number 200 of 202. (201 didn't stay).
That was at 11.55pm. All done and out of there by midnight.