Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Early announcement - Boulder Bike Swap Sunday May 22nd

Sort of a spring Veloswap, but here in Boulder, at Boulder Indoor Cycling.

I will have a booth and be selling off a variety of extra parts and things that have piled up, as well as displaying some bikes (if I'm lazy, just the two that are already at the track, if I'm less lazy and get around to getting them powdercoated, my own mountain bikes as well).

Tables are only $20 for individuals, so if you also have useless bike crap filling up your life, sign up for one and get rid of it.

Check it out (pretty minimal site, but it gets the job done) here:
Boulder Bike Swap

Picture from Darren McCabe, apropos of nothing much. Blog posts without pictures suck!

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Brent said...

A little late due to some web hosting conflicts but the new site is now up, check out the commercial (yes, an actual commercial) for the event as well as get easy access to directions (it can also send them to your phone if you're the type who uses that google option)...same web address, new site: