Friday, January 28, 2011

Email of the week.

I laughed and laughed.


I would like to write something about Your 29er frames at - the biggest 29er site in Poland and I hope to get much more info about it, because on Your blog there are no details, not many photos etc. Could You send me photos and write about shown frames, Your passion, history...? I'm really interested in 'Fat bike for Mike' - but maybe You've got more unusual projects?

Apparently I have been doing this blog thing all wrong - who knew?


Anonymous said...

What's funny about this post!? The Guy wants to show your 29inch bikes to the world and look for more info directly from a frame builder. Some people think it is a nicer way of contact than guessing from your blog.....what a pity!

Walt said...

"No details", "Not many pictures"?

This guy is trolling for free stuff. I get these all the time.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with Anonymous there, unless you feel like flipping through 100 pages of recipes there are no good detailed pictures of your finished bikes. Just an observation.

Walt said...

Haven't been over to the Flikr site (linked on the right side of the page), eh?