Saturday, January 29, 2011

Call your state senator... and tell them bikes are dangerous!

Trust me, it actually makes sense (and it's dangerous, as you can see from my facial expression). You can read all about it at the Bicycle Colorado website.

If you live in CO and like to ride bikes in the mountains, spend 2 minutes to send your senator an email and let them know that they should support this bill.


printenv said...

I thought that your post was just some sarcastic shenanigans, then I read the site and realized it was actually a good idea. I would like to see that in Michigan. Hope it works out for you Colorado-ians.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that, I posted the Bill contents to some of our cycling forums on the east coast...text of the bill seems to address all the comments we hear from landowners when we approach them for potential trail sites.