Monday, November 15, 2010

Waltworks in der Schweiz

No, not you, Redcoat. Thanks to Daniel for the pictures. The bike will have a matching WW fork soon (not that there's anything wrong with that *sweet* Igleheart!) - I had to build a new one after Daniel made a bit of a mistake cutting the steerer on the first.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it die Schweiz?

Walt said...

I *think* I remember getting a B-minus in second-year German in high school, so I'm pretty damn sure I'm right!

Erm, no idea. Probably "die". Oh well.

Spoony said...

As a Swiss I can confirm that in this case 'der' is correct. Nice to see your bicycles in our country.

b.asti said...

walt, you´re absolutly correct. And the other poster ist correct too. Yes, the correct german and swiss article of schweiz is "die", but in the given grammatic construction of the sentence, "die Schweiz" is a preposition for waltworks, wich causes the flexion to "der Schweiz" (No, i´m not a teacher, just a german guy who even happens to a) had lived in "der Schweiz" and b) evenm knows the mentioned DAniel and his very first recognition of waltworks bikes ;-)

btw. Nice, Waltworks Daniel. It´ll be even nicer with the matching fork. I´m sure. My babyblue inspiration turned red and got the missing disctab as well as a sweet non corrected and dics ready IF fork. Also it looks not tha familiar now, it still is my beloved waltworks.

Feldy said...

Why does your t shirt say "DIE BART DIE?"

That actually German for "The Bart. The"

Oh, no one who speaks German could be evil.

Walt said...

I already made that joke on this blog in a comment, like 6 months ago, Feldman.