Saturday, November 13, 2010

I just paid $50...

...for a pair of socks.

Of course, they're the samples for the new Waltworks Bicycles socks. And they are rad:
-Super comfy, designed for cycling, with a nice 5" cuff.
-Awesome bamboo fiber/nylon/lycra mix (about half bamboo) that is (no joke, I tested this) pretty good at keeping your feet from getting stinky, even if you, say, don't change them for an entire 24 hour race. Don't ask me how I know this - let's just say I had ONE bamboo sock (I don't match my socks much) and one non-bamboo one... and the results were horrifically obvious.
-Original WW missing-tooth guy logo.
-Made right here in Colorado with environmentally friendly materials and processes.

I'm trying to decide whether to keep the embroidered words on the lower part of the sock. I'm not a huge fan of unnecessary stuff like that, and I'd rather have the underside of the sock free of lumps (though honestly it's not really noticeable - I'm wearing the socks now).

I don't have a precise ETA for these, but they'll be available for sure by early 2011. They will probably be sold mostly through the Alchemist site, but WW frame/fork/whatever customers can also get them directly from me to save on hassle/shipping. Expect cost to be $8-10 a pair. We may do a t-shirt/socks package deal of some kind too, I will need to talk to Jeff about that.


Mike said...

want! pardon me, would like.

word verification: aterimm! awesome.

Bikewright said...

Package deal would be cool!Nice looking socks.

Corey said...

I have been wearing SOS socks for several years now and I can confirm the non-stinkiness! (Over the same 24 hour race, by the way)

dicky said...

Wu hooked me up with a pair of bamboos at the Breck Epic. I have to say they have been given "special day" status. Good call.

Tell Jeff I said thanks (if you see him and if you remember and if you really want to).

WV: anilism

Anonymous said...

Count on my for a few pairs.

If it saves you any dinaros skip the embroidery at the sole. Also, some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to lumps, so now you must skip the embroidery!


Jonathan said...

Super sweet socks. A package deal would be excellent. You should bring back the WW jersys! I've been dying to get one.

Brad B said...

Looks Great! +1 for No lumps in the bottom. Run the embroidery under the WW logo under the ankle. Wrapping around the back shouldlook good and comfortable. (to be read from behind).

Matt B. said...

Sweet! I'd love to see a minimalist design, perhaps with just the white lettering at the cuff.