Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Socks are here! Plus, sock/shirt and sock/shirt/hoodie deals!

I decided to remove the writing on the sole, in the interest of maximum comfort (and because it seemed silly to have writing on a part of the sock that you'll never see when wearing it). Here's a picture of the finished product:

The online sales for shirts/socks/other apparel is going to be handled (from now on) by Alchemist - I can't deal with packing and shipping socks and such all day, so they will take over, UNLESS you are having a bike shipped to you - if that's the case, let me know what you want, and the items will be included on your final invoice (and will ship with your frame/fork/whatever).


Squiddo said...

Hey Walt- how to I pull the trigger on the deal for the T-Shirt and Socks? Separate PayPal buttons?

Walt said...

Squiddo -

Just email me. I'll send you an invoice.

Squiddo said...

Hey Walt-

Not sure if you added that button or I somehow missed it but the sock/shirt is now listed.