Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wednesday poll!

Your poll:
How well does the pictured bike fit Walt?
1) Awesome!
2) Looks a little too small. Maybe. Kinda.
3) Good God, what the heck is happening here?!?

Before you judge me too harshly, know that this frame is only mine because DHL ran it over 4 years ago and I had to build a replacement for the customer. Then for some reason I decided I'd ride it...

Yes, I desperately need a new bike. Now that my tapering steerer 120mm Reba fork is finally on the way, maybe I'll actually build it!


Luis G. said...

Tapered steerer, 120mm, Black Cat dropouts...hmmm I feel that will be a sick build.

taryn said...

Lower that seat post and it's just my size. Kind of.

Jonathan said...

How's the view from on top of that seat post? That's how much post I was running on my bikes before you built me a frame that actually fits!

a thumbless hitchhiker said...

Big wheel recumbent!