Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tony's Frankenmonster

This bike has a lot going on, and it took *way* longer than either Tony or I expected, so we ended up rattlecanning it a nice blue instead of waiting the 2-3 weeks for a powdercoat. We'll take it back apart at some point and get that done, but for now, this is what he's riding.

This is the first (assembled) bike I've done with the new 44mm head tubes and humorously enough, we didn't get in the tapered steerer fork in time - so it's actually using a normal 1 1/8" inset headset with the Marzocchi that I bought a while ago to try out (that Tony is going to "test" for me...)

Anyway, it finally came together, after 8 months (you can read about the process here and here), numerous design changes, and at least $1000 worth of new tubing and cutting tools. Here's what Tony had to say so far:

Holy crap. I just got back from riding around my neighborhood like a 10 year old with his first bmx bike. Jumped off every curb and slammed over every rocky median. Woo and hoo. Can't wait to get this thing out on a real trail.

Oh yeah and the cable routing needs work and the rear shifting is wack but the front is spot on.

This is the first bike I've owned on which a 1 finger stoppie in the rain doesn't seem suicidal. You might want a 68 headangle on yours. Depending on how much uphill riding you do.

Still work to wheelie, but waaaaay easier than any 29er i've ridden.

It pedals better than I expected, but I do think a revalve is in the cards for the shock... definitely a marshmallow.

I'll report back once I have the gears working and everything tweaked just so.

Thanks for your time and tell Sarah thanks for letting you stay late at work!

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