Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Few shots of Troy's taper-steerer frame

The headset looks (IMO) totally fine without any rings brazed on at the transitions, so that's awesome. And the headtube (again, I have no taste) looks just fine with the 38/32mm down and toptubes.

She's a bit of a tank at 5.25#, but she's built for some punishment, so that's ok.

For those who are curious, I didn't have a 31.6 seatpost (this frame takes a Joplin) around to clamp the frame in the stand, so I used one of my adjustable reamers. That's what you see sticking out of the seat tube.


Hugh said...

Hey Walt, Have you welded a tube to the top of the reamer to drive it with a pipe rather than a using a tap handle?

Those Head tubes look like they fit on those 'large' bikes.


Luis G. said...

Yummy, eventually I'll get a fun play hardtail too...