Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Build Kits: Dirtbag SS

A post to kill time while we wait to take Sarah in to the hospital...

Some folks have complained about me taking down the build kit info on the old website. The reason for that was that parts prices have been changing so rapidly that it became way too much work to keep them updated. In any case, I've redone a few of them, so here you go (I'll post the dirtbag kits today, the fancy ones tomorrow)

Keep a couple things in mind:
-If you already have some parts, you can sub them in and it'll reduce the cost. You don't have to get the whole kit.
-Some of the parts (fork, wheels, especially) are actually fairly fancy. There are cheaper substitutes, but you should probably assume that if you can't come up with $1800 or so, you should keep saving your pennies.
-This build assumes Paragon slider dropouts and disc brakes. Yes, v-brakes would be cheaper. Figure about a $150-200 savings overall, as long as you picked inexpensive v-brakes.
-The build assumes that you'll take the Johnny Cash black ($100) discount. Any other color is an extra $100.
-There are no pedals.
-Expect shipping to run about $75-90 in the US.

Frame Waltworks Custom (sliders, JC black)
Fork WW custom or Rockshox Tora
Headset Cane Creek S-3
Stem Kalloy
Handlebar Kalloy riser
Brake levers FR-5
Shifters None
Front derailleur None
Rear derailleur None
Bottom Bracket included w/cranks
Chain PC951
Cassette King steel cog
Crankset Truvativ Stylo SS
Pedals None
Cables/housing Generic lined
Seatpost Kalloy Uno
Brakes Avid BB-7 160mm
Skewers Bolt-on
Wheelset ZTR hubs w/355/Arch/Crest rims
RimStrips Included
Tubes Standard Butyl
Tires Nanoraptor
Grips/tape Ritchey WCS
Saddle WTB Speed V

Total $2,350

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