Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Build Kits: Dream Geared Build

Frame Waltworks Custom
Fork Fox F80/100 RLC (9mm or 15mm)
Headset King (any color)
Stem Thomson X4
Handlebar Edge Composites XC riser or flat
Brake levers w/brakes
Shifters XX
Front derailleur XX
Rear derailleur XX
Bottom Bracket King
Chain PC1090R
Cassette XX
Crankset XX
Pedals Eggbeater 4ti
Cables/housing Included
Seatpost Thomson masterpiece
Brakes SRAM XX
Skewers Bolt-on
Wheelset 240s or King hubs w/Edge rims
RimStrips Included
Tubes 1 qt sealant
Tires Maxxis Aspen/Ignitor/Ardent
Grips/tape Ritchey WCS
Saddle WTB Laser V ti

Total $5,800


Reid said...

Are more expensive builds more profitable for you?

Mike said...

for $5800 I demand pedals! even if they are plastic walmart pedals. does the dream build come with lipo? because that would be sweet!

Walt said...

Reid -

Yes, they are. As sad as it is, nobody can make a living building cheap bikes unless they have Chinese people do all the actual work for $5/day.

Mike -

If you want that freakin' bike, I will give you any pedals you want to go with it. :)

The *wheelset* is almost $2k! I learned a long time ago, though, that things that I think nobody would ever buy, people will buy. Mountain bikers are turning into roadies, in that it's all about the bike you have. I blame MTBR... oh, wait, I'm one of the mods...

Reid said...

Hmm, so what if I had $20,000 to drop on a bike? What could you build me then?

Eszter said...

Imagine just riding along in Moab and smashing a $2k set of wheels...not that I've ever smashed wheels or anything.

I'd be afraid to ride something that nice.

Walt said...

Reid -

$20k on a bike? Man, the law of diminishing returns starts to really hit hard over about $3500 when it comes to mountain bikes. I don't think I could even come up with a build kit that would be usable that would cost much more than the dream kit here - and I bet you there are some $8k+ mountain bikes out there with the same or crappier parts than what I have listed here.

Eszter, you make everything break, so you don't count. Those $2k wheels - I agree. I'd be afraid to ride them. Word on the street is that they're actually quite durable, though, for what it's worth.

T-roy said...

Man, the dream build must come with the happy ending you mentioned in a previous blog!
That's crazy money for a set of carpet fiber hoops. I guess the roadies are spending that +more for wheels these days. Give me a set of Flows laced to some DTs, Kings, or I9 hubs and I'm set. That's a dream wheelset that's tougher than Mr T. "I pity the fool who don't eat my cereal!"

Walt said...

Does all this whining mean that I should also post a "intelligent use of your money" build somewhere between the dirtbag and dream?

Manicmtbr said...

Replace the fork with a Action Tech/Waltworks fork, "downgrade" the wheels to something like Stan's Crest/DT Swiss 240 and that would be my dream build.