Friday, March 26, 2010

Taylor Phinney isn't all that

4:16 for a 4k TT? Give me a couple more weeks at the track and I'm right long as we shorten the distance by at least a kilometer, that is.

The kid is sick. Awesome.

Edit: James found a picture of me doing one of my casual Kilo efforts. Check out those legs! I look pretty damn fast - watch out, Taylor! And, uh, also Griz, or whoever it is Nick says is fast.


Nowork said...

hmmm.... only 2.5 seconds slower than my old team mate Gez then. And Gez was going even faster in the final of the first world cup, but sat up when he caught the other person.

Not sure World Track Champ means as much in a Non-Olympics year.....

Charlie Suthard said...

Ah Nowork, the nationalistic pride is showing :). Yeah, too bad Gez wasn't there and that Bobridge wasn't as fast as he was a few weeks ago either. If everyone had that form, it would have been scorching fast.

It will be interesting to see how fast they are all going in 2012, but remember, no more IP in the Olympics, so the World Champs may be the fastest we see.

Anyway, if Taylor got on a Walt Works model, he would no doubt break every record out there. Who needs the aero fancy smancy aluminum model anyway?

Nowork said...

Too True.

You have to be in it to win it.

Gez is off with Team Sky racing/training for the Tour.

World Champs are still worthy, just less important to some people in some years.

Britain doesn't really care about world champs because our funding comes mainly from Olympic results, Hence the 96% increase in funding from English Sport after the Beijing. That is 24.3 million pounds or $36.2 million if you want it in greenbacks. (2009-2012).

To put that in perspective, USAC's total revenue for 2008 including all grants is $8.7 Million. Assume the same for 3 more years gives $34.8M funding for USAC for the same period. $1.4M less than GB, but the population for USA is ~308M compared to 62M in GB, and USAC had 63,000 members, GB had 28,000 members.

Imagine what USAC could do with the same funding per person. Either membership of USAC or population. And if they talent ID's the population?!!?. mind blowing results! Just need the funds....

You can bet that even though the IP is out for 2012, GB will have a full field for all events including the Omnium that everyone complains about. It is after all, another gold medal to aim for and receive funding from .

If British Cycling was a country all by it's self it would have finished 12th out of 80 countries in the medals table.

Anyway we all know the Wednesday Night Boulder Short Track Series is where the real action takes place. Roll on the summer!

Slater said...

four minutes sixteen seconds in hours is 0.07111 hours.

0.07111 hours to go 4km is

4/0.0711 km/hour = 56.2509km/h

Doesn't this seem way too low if you compare it to the the UCI hour record is between 53 and 56km/h?

I must be missing something here. The fastest 4km sprint == same speed as the fastest 1hr sustainable speed on roughly similar bikes?

Walt said...

Slater -

The 4k is a standing start (the hour record might also be, I don't know) which costs some significant time. Maybe an extra 5-10 seconds, depending on how good of a sprinter and how the bike is geared?

I'd bet the 1:16 was a faster average speed than the winning Kilo rider, for example, because the start matters more and more as the event gets shorter.

Paavo said...

Men's Kilometre TT
1 Teun Mulder (Netherlands) 0:01:00.341

So it can't be the start explaining it. Have no idea how to explain it, though.

MikeQ said...

Standing start is worth about 5 seconds. The hour "record" (56k by Boardman) is in the superman position... same guy on same bike did a 4-11 for the pursuit... about 4-06 flying, which is 58kph. They say Boardman could hold 450W for the hour; if you take the square of the difference that's an extra 45W he managed for 4 mins. Sounds lame, but on a 102" gear the start means you are half-cooked after 2 laps. TO be fair tho, if I had an extra 45W, I'd be able to break the all-time Flagstaff record... as it is, I am significantly off-the-back.

Nerd lesson over

Slater said...

Sorry, what's the rationale behind "square of the difference"?

450W for an hour...... how does your body even cool itself from that? Nuts.