Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More whining. Also, Minh's frame.

As everyone knows, I am a huge sissy and hate the cold.

Well, today I am doing a complete turnabout and denouncing the freakin' HEAT. Good lord! It's like 80 degrees! What happened to 65 and sunny?

Of course, come July, I'll be reminiscing about these 80 degree spring days while I roast to death in the shop in the 95 degree heat.

Rest assured, dear readers, I shall inform you of this, and any of the other many minor discomforts which plague my existence.

Here's Minh's frame, since I want to salvage some shred of interest in posting this. I forgot to get a shot of the fork with it, but it's a nice 430mm chainstay non-suspension 29er singlespeed. S-bends, sliders, the works. Good stuff.

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