Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rumors of my demise...

...have been greatly exaggerated. From Hassan:

"Funny enough, went out to Bachelor St. last night and someone had raked! It was kind of like fantasy land. Really weird.

More odd however, was my learning that you have 'gone out of business'. In the parking lot, while we were getting ready, a couple bikers returned and started packing up. One of em', lights blazing, came up and explained how cool my 'vintage' bike was. My buddy John explained to him that it was pretty much brand new. The guy then went on to explain how that we were wrong because, 'they went out of business a while ago'. My only thought was of you handing Pele and Snickers pink slips, ranging a for rent sign on the garage, and walking off into the sunset. It's ok, you can always just poach apple trees.

Regardless, please accept my condolences.

Pure comedy."


Lance said...

one more thing you have in common with mark twain.

Verification word: skider

Ed said...

You see how old you are, people think you've demised.


Charlie Suthard said...

Hmm, bummer. Who am I going to share my beer with when I walk 3 doors down? Wonder if Pele and Snickers will work for treats. I need a couple of guard dogs.