Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ubiquitous Wednesday Short Track Idiocy

Big field, no huge names except Colin Cares this week, though. Taryn got yelled at by some angry racer in the women's B's - who gets upset about a freakin' Weds night short track? For heaven's sake, there aren't even _token_ prizes!

As for everyone else:
Ben: top 10 somewhere after starting at the very back of the B's
Boardman: mid-pack after having to start at the back.
Eszter: 3rd
Sarah: 6th (best short track ever, I think - she was right behind some fast pro girls)
Miguel: Not sure - in the 20s?
Yours truly: 6th (best short track result in a LONG time)

Here are some random pictures. Tomorrow perhaps I will write about something of broader interest, for example the fine zombie movie that I watched last night...

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