Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frame deal

Got a special on a built-up but not ridden 26" wheel frame. The custom wasn't happy, and long story short, I'm going to refund his money rather than keep trying to make him happy. The frame is in good shape, though I have had to do a little bit of alignment work to it to get things just right. Comes with a full warranty and such.

-16" seat tube, center to center
-22.2" toptube (effective)
-71 degree head angle, 73 degree seat angle
-80mm suspension corrected
-12.4" BB height, 420mm chainstays
-Clearance for big fat tires
-V-brake only (can be modified for disc mount at no additional charge)
-Includes a v-brake specific rigid fork at no additional charge

$1000 takes it. What's that, you say? Not that great of a deal?

Well, it also comes with your choice of one of the following:

-any of the 32-series Fox forks (well, you'd want one of the 80mm ones, but other than that, any one you want). Those bad boys retail for over $700, meaning the frame is practically free.
-any Stan's Notubes ZTR hub/ZTR rim custom wheelset.

Want both? Pay just an extra $350.

I'll also offer a full parts kit at my usual super-low prices, of course. Just want to see someone riding this bike, instead of having it sit in my shop gathering dust.

Email me with questions or for pictures, or just post a comment and I'll get back to you.

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