Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random construction pictures, not many words.

Not much to report today - I dumped a few photos from the chip on the camera from the last week or so. Yes, Guy's frame does really have a kickstand mount. No joke.

Also, as an FYI, we finally got our VT tickets - I'll be gone from July 15th-23rd in Vermont (and then off to Crested Butte from July 27th-August 6th). So it's big vacation time - I will be finishing up a couple more frames, then things will be on hiatus until early August. You've been warned!


Dan O said...

Kickstands rule.

I have a carbon fiber one with a titanium spring.

It's pretty trick.

js said...

I agree with DanO. However, I fear that his trick kickstand belongs to his mom and that it's actually attached to her peg leg.

VT Mike said...

Walt, do you still want to get together for a ride or two while you're out here? I'm free Sundays and Thursdays.