Thursday, June 18, 2009

Problem solved!

Renee has de-flaked. I think. So thanks for all the offers, I believe our Crested Butte conundrum is dealt with.

Here's another picture of Chris ripping it up on his new 5" bike. Just so you can look at something interesting while I prattle on about last night's short track (Yuki said he'd forward some pictures, if I get them I'll post 'em).

As usual, stacked field. I talked trash with Jeremiah Bishop and local stud Alders whilst lined up and watching the near-formation of a funnel cloud about 2 miles north. Crazy stuff! I noted that being sucked up by a tornado while racing is probably my best remaining shot to make Velonews, but that I'd prefer just to finish mid-pack and survive the evening.

For once, I had a decent starting position and managed to be in about 10th from the gun (all time best start!) From there, it was a back and forth battle with my good friend and Velonews technical editor Paco. I had a hilarious crash in which a piece of fencing caught my rear brake lever, causing me to do a 180, and lost a few places, but fought back to end up around 7th. I was psyched - my best race of the year (and I didn't even get lost!)

Sarah was 7th or 8th out of about 20 ladies, and as yet I'm not sure how everyone else did. More info and some pictures when I get them.

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