Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got a place in Crested Butte? Want to trade

Posted this on Craigslist and figured I'd try here too. I had someone lined up to trade me a 2-week stay at their CB condo for a frame, but she seems to have flaked out (Renee, if you're out there, contact me). So now only you can save our planned Crested Butte trip...

"I run a custom bike business ( and my wife and I are looking for a place to stay in Crested Butte this summer from approximately July 25th-August 8th or so. So about 2 weeks. We have 2 large-ish but well-behaved dogs and would be looking for an unoccupied 2+ bedroom house or condo in town or at the mountain. We are good responsible people and not into partying or liable to trash your place - we just need a place to stay while we ride our mountain bikes on vacation.

I propose building you (or your significant other, child, mother, whatever) a custom frame in exchange (a $1200 value). In addition, I'm happy to sell you parts to build up the bike at well below market cost (I have OEM accounts with most of the major parts companies).

Interested? Drop me an email (walt at waltworks dot com) and let's chat.


-Walt Wehner
Waltworks Custom Bicycles


Jamie E said...


I have a condo in CB to rent or maybe for trade. Only issue is the dogs. The condo doesn't allow dogs. Hit me up at my blog.

Cheers- Jamie

Manicmtbr said...

How about being wisked away to beautiful Delaware for Two Weeks this summer? We have a 30 mile trail network 30 seconds out the back door, camper in the driveway OR you can sleep inside the house and within 30 minutes you have up 3 difference venues, one that has over 60 miles of singletrack. Ask Colin.

"Hi. We're in Delaware".

Manicmtbr said...

Oh. Furious George is good people. His big (little) bro is cool, so he must be too.

Joshua Stamper said...

Slate Creek camping is always free, and your dogs will not piss anyone off.

Nowork said...

I have a Crusty Butt I'll swap with you for a frame ;-)

Walt said...

Thanks for all the helpful (hmm, wait, mostly not very helpful...) tips, guys. Looks like I might have a solution, though.

PS: Nowork: bite me!