Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mini-me vs. Me

So when I rode Marcus' 36er, people generally commented that I looked ridiculous. Some of you said some quite hurtful things about my manhood, or lack thereof, as a matter of fact. Bastards.

Well, I'll show you. I'm HUGE now!

This is just about the smallest 700c wheel bike I could imagine building. And yes, the saddle is at the correct height for Casie. Martin and I measured.


a japanese girl bowing said...

Wow, 700c, really?

I'm impressed, manhood aside.

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Rob Young said...

Nice! Out of curiosity, what's the effective top tube on that bike? My GF is always looking for short TT bikes.

Walt said...

Rob - it's a 49cm. But with a "normal" 73 degree seat tube angle. So equivalent to a 48 or so with a 74 or 75 like most tiny bikes.