Friday, May 01, 2009

Design contest entries

These are in no particular order. No decisions have been made yet about winners, but I will say I was very impressed with all the entries!

If you sent me an entry and it's missing, please let me know. I'm a little absentminded sometimes and I have a nagging feeling that there's a logo that isn't on here. I could just be crazy, though.

From Brad:

From Blake:

From Sandy (see explanation below, and note that these do not scale well as JPEGs, hence the blurriness is my fault, not hers):


Here's my entry!

In American Sign Language "to ride a bicycle" or say "bicycle" as an object, the speaker motions as if spinning cranks, peddling with their hands. This is represented by the directional arrows. The two circular objects are ancient astronomical symbols for the Sun and Earth. The Sun (or solar symbol) is the circle with a dot in its middle. The Earth (or sun cross) is the circle with the cross inside.


I've attached four variations as Photoshop images.


From David:

From Christopher:


Jon said...

Blake's is top notch. That is awesome... and since my bike was fabricated after you got your solar, I will need a decal!

word verification: rhotest

Chris said...

i agree, that one is sweet.

Andrew Brautigam said...

I like Blake's the best too. Is this a popularity contest?

a japanese girl giving a 2-fingered salute said...

I wish someone had entered a design with a poppyseed bagel being delivered by solar powered aliens with power cords coming out of their asses as lighting bolts shot out of their heads while they communicated "bicycle" in sign language.

Solarwalttageword verification: prepi

Llama said...

Powered by the Sol . . . awesome!

Llama said...

Powered by the Sol . . . awesome!

Anonymous said...

Brad-O! Brad-O! Brad-O!
My vote goes to Brad A. aka brado


Feldy said...

I like how Blake's looks sorta like the angry sun from World 2 of Super Mario Brothers 3

Luis G. said...

I gotta go with my man Brad. It will look awesome when I re-powder my frame...