Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I'm really, really bummed. It looks as if I not only won't break the hillclimb record, I won't even get to *race* it.

No, I didn't hurt myself or get swine flu.

Long story short, Sarah's dad bought us tickets to fly out to Bend for a week for her brother's graduation. He did not consult with us about the dates before buying them, though, so we don't get back until the 13th. The race is in the morning, and we'll be landing at DIA right about when they're handing out the awards. Bummer.

So yeah, I bailed on the record attempt, I guess. I'm pretty pissed, but changing the tickets would cost $400. I'm not *that* pissed.

Sadly, I think I might have had a shot, too. I did Logan Mill in 17:45 to the summit yesterday, which is a good 10-15 seconds or so faster than my old record from back when I was young and fit. And that was my first go at it this year, and I was wearing a freakin' camelbak! Needless to say, I was shocked and pleased. But it looks like that fitness will end up being for nothing.

Then again, they say that it's really about the journey and not the destination, and having the goal really helped me stay focused on getting in good shape this winter. I'm climbing and riding as well as I ever have, which is really a nice feeling.

Is it too soon to start talking about next year?


Anonymous said...

Is there any reason why you can't run this hillclimb as a time trial, on your own? Or will that hurt too much? ;-)

AdamB said...

Sorry to hear about plans made for you without your consent. I agree with you about the journey philosophy; I try to remind myself of just that every day that I ride to work or instead of driving on errands while looking at my pale, hairy (yikes!) legs going 'round. "I am now a commuter/lifestyle cyclist and not a racer, blah-blah..."
Problem is, I have found a really nice group of fellas to ride with a couple days a week and now I feel the need to find my old speed again. Oh dear- what to do, what to do...

taryn said...

It's never to early to start thinking about next year...I'm already planning for Firecracker 50
2010 domination (when I attempt 25 miles). You guys will be in our thoughts as we grind our way to the top.

Rody said...


Some goals NEED to be confronted and overcome.

I'm in for 50 bucks towards changing the tickets...anyone else wanna chip in?

Call it the "Get Walt over the hill" campaign :)


Charlie Suthard said...

As an alternative, we can do a handicap race up Flagstaff. I get, say multiple minutes, while you pound a beer, then you go and try to catch me. Sound good? Bummer you can't race, but if you are fit and having fun, that is what matters.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding. After all the squawk about "record attempts" you are bailing because of bad communication and $400? You lost me there.