Monday, April 27, 2009

Canti boss mods

Since people seem to enjoy random shots of metalworking, here you go - re-machining a canti boss for a cyclocross frame. You don't want to put the bosses too close together, so for 'cross setups, I like to generally have them sit right on top of the seatstays with pretty much no offset.
The bosses are soft enough that you can just clamp them straight into the mill vise (no other clamping needed) and go to town with a 5/8" (close enough to 16mm) end mill.

In other news, frame is still for sale. Here are a couple of pictures. To sweeten the pot a little, I'm throwing in a brand new Easton Monkeylite 31.8mm riser (low) bar. See the specs in the previous post, and please do email me if you have any questions. Jon's new headtube stock is wending it's way to me via UPS as we speak, and I'm looking forward to some serious lathe time on the Harbor Freight junky special. Sweet!

Oh, and yes, you do get to pick your decals, as they're not installed yet. Or you could rock it anonymous-like with none.

Fort Collins STXC tomorrow night (edit, tonight - as it is morning now) is on, I think. Redcoat and I are planning to drive up and represent. More news as it develops...


cornfed said...

Good luck tonight. Here's to staying ahead of the young-uns and the fast old guns.


Anonymous said...

hey walt- i'll buy the easton bars if you want to sell em'
i'm in the republic

scott boyer said...

is that the old sid blue color? love that blue. i like the little lug on the seat tube as well. good looking frame!