Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend reading + early Old Pueblo race report!

Early word from the Old Pueblo course is that as of lap 1, Nick and Yuki are 2nd and 3rd, respectively, on their Waltworks 29ers!

More updates as I get them from Erik...

A few links I found interesting on a cold, snowy Saturday morning:

Shane Battier is a lot more interesting than you thought. I *think* this will be interesting even if you're not into basketball.

Watch Daniel Woods make V12 look like 5.7. Daniel climbs at the Spot (my climbing hangout) a lot. He's very impressive. And it's neat to see all the crazy stuff that's going on in Bishop these days. Probably not very interesting if you're not a climber, though.

If you're really stuck inside today, you can watch free opera performances from the Met. I'm kind of excited about Doctor Atomic - since it's about Oppenheimer and other Los Alamos (where I grew up) scientists.

Eating raw food only? Seems crazy to me, but it's an interesting article.


Mitch said...

Great NYT article on Battier. If you haven't read it, I recommend 'Basketball on Paper' by Dean Oliver. can also be interesting on occasion. Thanks again.

Walt said...

Hey Mitch -

Yeah, I like 82games ok. Freedarko used to be pretty cool, too, but now it's a lot less b-ball oriented and I've lost some of my interest.

I'll check out Basketball on Paper. Ever read Paul Shirley's stuff?