Monday, February 16, 2009

24 hours of Old Pube'

From Nick (sorry, as of yet, no pictures):

WW/FD team has it's first win of the year!

Nick was 4th onto the bike after the 1mile Le Mans run and Yuki was 5th.

A pack of about 15 fast men soon formed on the Bitches rollers with Ryan Trebon riding away quite easily

As the first lap continued riders dropped off the group one by one from the high pace.

At one checkpoint we saw Ryan Trebon with the first aiders and a cholla sticking out of his shoulder.

As for the rest of the race, It was close. After heading into the night with a 25 minute lead we suffered some issues (involving me running fir over 2 miles to get a new wheel, and blowing up running out of food are 2.30 am).

We came out of the night just over 30 minutes down on first place with just over 5 hours left to race.

The team decided to go for the win a lap by lap we ate into their lead. I was last man out with a 4 minute deficit. I passed team Bitty Bitty rider with 1mile of the climb left. There was then a 1mile descent with was impossible to pass on. (this is why Yuki was 4th on first lap not 3rd since Alders and I dropped Tinker Jarez on it and Yuki was stuck behind him. 5th was over a minute behind our 4 man group riding at pro norba xc pace)

Anyhow, I digress. I pulled out the lead to finish 1minute 21seconds ahead of team Bitty Bitty for the second year in a row.

Yuki and co were 4people in a 5person category and won by a lap/over an hour.
He wore Ww kit all race with ergon jersey first lap and was on his '08 WW. 29er the whole race

I rode the Ww actiontec bike first and last Lap, and the dually for the others.

Not sure how Eric and Natalie did. Saw a glimps of them occasionaly but didn't get to talk.

Looking for a new goal now.


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