Sunday, February 01, 2009

A bad few weeks for Boulder bicyclists

So, to recap:

2 weeks ago, some fellow riding without lights or a helmet (at least according to the BPD, though I've also heard that he had both) gets run over from behind on 30th, lands in a coma. For some reason the Daily Camera has pulled this story from their website - weird.

Next, last Thursday, some genius with his helmet on his handlebars hits a pedestrian (or is obstructed by him, or something) and crashes and fractures his skull/vomits blood/nearly dies.

Then, on Friday, some lady ran over John Breaux while high as a kite (at least it looks that way) on prescription meds.

Now, this is just the stuff that made the paper. I'm sure there were a bunch of other minor accidents with minor or no injuries in the same time period. Some of those unreported accidents were even dumber, probably.

If you're riding with no lights at night, or decide that putting your helmet on your handlebars on the bike path is a cool way to roll, or think that taking mind-altering drugs and driving your PT cruiser off the road is ok, well, then I think you're an idiot. And apparently there's plenty of idiocy to go around in Boulder these days, on both sides of the white line. Heck, I saw multiple people out riding yesterday on highway 36 in a strong, gusty crosswind with, you guessed it, no helmets. And I saw people talking on phones, texting, and one lady putting on makeup while driving on this same road.

This is why I ride mountain bikes - at least if I wreck it'll be my own fault.


shandcycles said...

Was that a random pic you've chosen or did you realise it's the mayor of London! Scary.

Walt said...


I did not know that. I used the lamest picture I could find on google...


Sonya said...

Word! I did a post like that about a month ago and people bitched at me saying that it's more dangerous for me to ride with my ipod than to NOT wear a helmet. WTF. If I fall down and whack my head, and ipod is not going to make a difference. I see people riding when it's ICY out with no helmet. Whatever. It's my pet peeve too to see people out there without it. I always mutter, "Nice helmet" when they aren't wearing one. It looks "soooo pro" to wear a beanie or nothing on your head. NOT.