Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have discovered the world's worst hangover cure

Thanks to Aaron the ethanol pusher and his comfortable house, I woke up this morning with a heck of a hangover. And I think I've discovered the absolute worst way to get rid of one, aside from ritual suicide or drowning.

That's right, I rode the trainer in the kitchen and watched "Manhattan Project" for two hours. I think the splitting headache I developed from the movie canceled out the one I had from the hangover.

Ye gods, what an awful film - and I remember liking it a lot when I was about 12. Favorite scene: at the national science fair, the nerdy character who only appears to be mocked as comic relief is standing in front of his geeky, lame presentation: "Access to All Human Knowledge through Computers" (remember, this is the mid 80s). Yeah, jeez, what an idiot. Computers? People exchanging information through *computers*!? That's never gonna catch on.

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