Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slow week for posting...and another sweet deal for 650b fans

Sorry about that, guys. I've been spending all my time packing and shipping those d*&% neo-moto 650b tires... I really didn't anticipate how fast they would get snapped up and had to spend a bunch of time yesterday playing mailman.

There are worse fates, though. I don't have much too riveting on the slate this week - finishing up a 29er frame for Dan and getting Mike's fork done (I did all the mitering at about 9pm last night).

Also complicating matters is the unbelieveable weather - it was 71 degrees yesterday! I strongly believe that if you're a framebuilder, and you don't take advantage of January weather like that to get a ride in, then you really should find another job, because you don't actually love bikes.

In lieu of saying something interesting (I can't even think of a good recipe to post!) here's some more crap you might be interested in buying from me:
-105 10-speed front derailleur (double), brand new in the baggie. $20 shipped.
-DT Swiss EX200 rear shock, 190mm eye to eye, 50mm travel, sick light and nice. Brand new. $150 shipped, please make it go away.

-650b FS frame that I messed up (story follows in a moment).
-22" effective toptube, 14" seat tube (center to center)
-70.5 HT and 73.5 ST angles, 4" travel front and rear.
-13.25" (without sag) BB height, 43.5cm chainstays.
-Never ridden or even built up.
-Yours for only $1300 (these normally run $1900) - plus you get the DT shock listed above for free (or if you prefer a Fox RLC, you can get that included instead). Best of all, it comes in any color you want!

Full warranty, of course, for the purchaser.

So what's the catch? There are a couple of them.

0. The sweet Julie Furtado saddle is not included. Julie is mine, all mine.

1. This frame is designed (well, unintentionally) for a 1x9 or internally geared hub setup. You CANNOT run a front derailleur, as the pivot location (I wanted it higher than normal for a more rearward axle path at the beginning of the stroke) is high enough that the derailleur will hit the chainstay no matter what. So it's 1x9 or Rohloff only. If you want, I will be happy to add an ISCG so that you can run a Hammerschmidt crank at no additional charge.

2. I messed up and used the wrong shock length when I was putting on the shock mount, so that needs to be removed and replaced with the correct placement. I will endeavor to make that repair totally invisible, but it's possible that there will be very slight evidence of the old shock mount being removed after the new paint job.

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