Monday, January 19, 2009

Neo-Moto 650b tires for sale!

$25 each (plus $5 for shipping) or $52 for a pair, shipping included in the continental US. Sweet deal on a closeout from one of my distibutors - this is a great all-around 650b tire for you medium-size wheel fans out there.

No need to be a WW frame owner to order, just paypal me ( or email if you have questions. Limited quantities available, I'll sell 'em until they're gone.

EDIT: As of 11pm mountain time, they are sold out. In fact, I have a few payments from folks who may be out of luck. I will assess the stockpile in the morning and let you guys know (and refund any payments needed). Once again: THEY ARE GONE.

1 comment:

MMcG said...

Payment for two sent!

Thanks Walt for offering such an amazing deal!!