Monday, December 29, 2008

New weightweenie bits

Nick the crazed Welshman hassled Ventana for, like, months to get this project rolling for his Waltworks 29er - he probably promised Sherwood some, er, unmentionable favors, too.

In any case, here it is. The super-duper machined-down lightweight Ventana rear triangle and rockers. Total weight (including hardware) is just a little over 1000 grams (1018, according to king freak Nick) - that's easily 250 grams lighter than the standard rear end. This should make a <6 pound full suspension Waltworks 29er frame a real possibility.

It's not for fatsos, though - the rocker has only a double set of bearings (rather than the standard quad bearings) and the diameters of all the tubes on the rear end have been significantly reduced. This is going to mean less stiffness, so if you're 180+ pounds, you're probably better off with the standard setup. This version does retain the main pivot quad bearings, though, so it should still be plenty stiff for regular sized riders on XC terrain.

$100 upcharge if you want this on your WW full squisher, folks. Well worth the money if weight is a concern, IMO. As of now, it's only available for 29ers. No idea if they'll do a 650b or 26" version. Thanks to the fine folks at Ventana for once again stepping up and making this happen!

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