Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another great article and last year's t-shirts

Ok, I won't post another annoying economics link for a while. Promise. But this one is really worth a read.

Second, if you don't like green, I have a few of the old grey Waltworks t-shirts still sitting around. Currently the stock consists of:
-2 men's size medium (fits me great at 5'11" and 155#)
-2 women's size XL (cut seems to be the same as men's, sizing equivalent to men's size small)
-2 women's size L (again, same cut as the guys shirts, just smaller - equivalent to an XS in men's). These fit my 5'7", 125# sister pretty well.

I'm asking $15 including shipping, or $10 if you live around here and come by in person. Or free with any frame or fork order!

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