Saturday, November 15, 2008

WTF Saturday!

No, it's not a scooter. And yes, Greg, that's your snow bike fork that I've borrowed until I have one that's the right length. And yes, that's a piece of 1 1/4" 4130 that I'm using as a "handlebar" to test the geometry.

This is going to be a prototype hand bike, theoretically for my friend Ryan. We'll see if it's rideable first, however, with me doing the piloting.

Why? If you look around at the handcycles out there, most of them are little better than a 3-wheeled cart with a drivetrain (not to mention the fact that decent ones cost upwards of $5k!). I don't think 3 wheels are needed, if the geometry is right and the rider is skilled (we're talking folks without use of their legs here, in general). I even think I have a "handstand" (not a kickstand!) design worked out that should allow starting and stopping under control with no assistance.

Yes, it's missing the drivetrain, brakes, and seat right now. And yes, that's an old 26" rigid fork welded to the spine for a rear fork. This was a <2 hour project so far -just something fun to do on a lazy Saturday when it was too cold (at least to a sissy like me) to go for a ride. I anticipate doing the drivetrain in the next week or so, as well as rigging up some kind of brake(s). Then all I need is some kind of cheap plastic chair to bolt onto the spine and it'll be ready for a test ride...

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steve garro said...

hey, walt - bill grove made one similar to what you are doing there. i bet rody has pics. there's also ones with caster "out riggers" for slow speed safety. i thinh that you will need a shallower HT* right off. if you want to see the sweetest hand cycles check out schmicking. they are SWEET. looking forward to seeing you progress, i need one too! steve.