Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kung Fu Movie Review and Recipe Friday

That's KFMRRF, or "kamurffff!" First off, if you like pointless violence, and lots of it, performed by a 90 pound Thai woman in various ridiculous settings, then you'll love Chocolate, the new movie from the guy who did Ong Bak. If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, you don't know what you're missing. Very Jacky Chan-esque, or at least Jackie Chan when he wasn't 45 and arthritic. Sarah and I watched this movie last night and it made me want to knee someone in the face while flying out a window, or catch knives while blindfolded, or something. Luckily I just went to bed instead.

Humorously enough, some of the reviews online criticized the movie for being plotless, overly sentimental, and implausible. It's a good thing I read that, because, good lord, I could have *sworn* that an autistic 90 pound woman could kick the crap out of 80 or 90 katana wielding rowdies using only moves she learned from watching Bruce Lee movies!

Sheesh. Some people just gotta hate on everything. Who watches a Kung Fu movie for plot or acting?

We also ate quite a tasty dish to go with our sappy, badly acted chop socky:

Orange-chipotle tofu (don't worry, you don't have to use tofu)

Mix everything:
-1 cup orange juice (fresh or from concentrate, doesn't matter)
-2 tbsp rice or cider vinegar. White vinegar will work in a pinch
-Half a can (like, 5 or 6 peppers) chopped chipotle peppers, along with half the can's worth of adobo sauce. Use less if you're a sissy. Try not to rub your eyes.
-Dash of salt
-1/4 cup maple syrup (probably best to use the real stuff if you have it)

Now put the sauce in a pan and stick your tofu or chicken (probably the best meat to sub, IMO) in there. Cover it up and leave it in the fridge just as long as possible (overnight would be good). Fry or grill it up, basting it constantly with the sauce.

Serve over rice, soak everything with delicious sauce.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation -- it was a lesbian love scene away from being everything I look for in an evening's entertainment (and the outakes show that there are clearly no safety guidelines for stuntpeople in Thailand).

Colin said...

Wicked good recipe. Clears the sinuses right up, and such tasty tasty sauce.