Monday, October 06, 2008

Team jerseys for sale!

Another chapter in the "crap we found" saga - I've got three brand new Waltworks team jerseys in blue/white, size men's large (fits very similarly to the Twinsix stuff) to sell off to benefit a good cause - namely the team potluck beer fund.

These are super, super nice. They are made by Champ-Sys, who have been doing the team clothing for years. Very stretchy, breathable fabric, nice and cool, and even fairly resistant to picking up odors over the course of the season (trust me, I should know). I'm asking $50 each, shipping included. First come, first served.

For those who are curious, we are planning to do more TwinSix/WW jerseys. Hopefully soon, if Brent ever gets caught up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Walt,

What size do you wear?


Eszter said...

XXL. Walt's fat. ;)

James said...

Yippeee for more Twinsix stuff. I love their clothes and I love my WW. What a great combo. Kinda like those old Reese's Peanut butter cup commercials.....two great tastes that taste great together

Vecsus (Owner of the Curry-colored WW)