Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday afternoon bloggage/what I'm doing right now

I *think* I'm sick again, though I'm attempting to drown the bugs in sugar and alcohol. It's Avery's big "all the idiotic/crazy/awesome brews we made a few gallons of because we're weird" week, so Sarah and I have been sampling like mad, but I think all the late nights and fun have taken their toll.

In any case, I'm sure everyone wants to hear me whine. On the plus side, I've *finally* got Margo's FS 29er back from the powdercoater. Here's a picture for her and Jay - of course, the distributor somehow managed to leave the front derailleur and stem out of the parts box, so she's not going to be able to ride until next week - ie, after our nasty winter storm wrecks the high country trails for the rest of the year. Doh!

Next up, I'm about 50% done with David's frame. David is from Spain, and speaks English about as well as I speak Spanish (ie, not really fluently), so figuring out the geometry was a pretty drawn-out and humorous process. The best part was trying to describe to him what "endo" meant - I think my description (in Spanish, of course) read something like "Endo is for to make encounter obstacle, and then from bicycle fly until you encounter the ground again." I probably sounded like a Spanish version of Borat, but it was fun to practice (I haven't spoken Spanish in years). David was very patient with my nigh-incoherent emails, and I learned a lot of bike-specific words. A Waltworks, se habla Espanol! Sort of.

In any case, I'm doing internal brake routing for him, and as always, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it looks wicked cool, but on the other hand, it offends my functional sensibilities, since it's way heavy (the tube plus the beefy toptube that I feel ok drilling big holes in probably add 80-100 grams) and it means that if you want to change or install a brake line (especially on a hydraulic setup) you've gotta pull everything apart. Bleh. But darn does it look spiffy...

I'm off to drink more tea. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Ruben said...

Hey Walt, I can help with the Spanish-English translation... just let me know.

Anonymous said...

The internal routing you did for my SS kicks ass! The other benefit than just looking super cool is no cable stops on the top tube to cut into your hand when carrying across creeks, over downed logs, etc.... of course a geared rig with just one internal would be silly... but an SS? totally useful AND spiffy.