Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A great shot of Chris

He's riding Sarah's DH bike - sadly, our DH sleds have been getting more use by our friends this year than by us. Too much racing and travel to places like Crested Butte, where long travel is a waste of time. Maybe we'll get a couple of days in this fall, though. Thanks to RC for the photos!

It still mystifies me that nobody ever wants to buy a 29" long travel setup - everyone that rides them loves them. But I guess the lack of good tires (we've been running Nevegals with tubes glued inside them to armor them) and forks (Chris is using a WB F135 in this shot, which doesn't really qualify as a full-on DH fork) is making people hesitant. And I'm guessing most people think steel DH bikes are just weird, too. Not a problem for me, I've got plenty of hardtails to build.

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