Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few more

These pictures are too good not to post. I'm hoping Chris and Mike will do a report on this ride (I don't know where it is) that I can pass along (edit, see below). In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. The bike Chris is riding is the second 29" long-travel (it's 5" front/6.5" rear) bike ever built - I made it for Sarah in 2005. The design evolved quite a bit since then - mainly in tube selection and a redesigned main pivot for better lateral stiffness. Still a great bike, though.

From Redcoat:
If there's one thing I've learnt in three years of playing in the mountains of Colorado, it's that getting above treeline rewards you with the greatest views, the sweetest (looking) trails, easily the best ski experiences and the worst weather. And if there's one thing I've learnt about capturing good shots on the camera in the mountains, it's that you need to be up there when the sun comes up. Since the powers-that-be decreed we have to reside in Mountain Time, it is with much annoyance that this occurs at 6 in the morning before anyone is awake, leaving the day to end all too early to get in long rides after work. But that's another story.

For once, I dragged my sorry, tired, self out of bed at silly-o-clock to join Chris for a photo shoot in the mountains of the Front Range. We'd managed to beg Walt and Sarah for their DH machines for our 5-day 'weekend' up in Winter Park, and Chris had the unenviable task of pushing what is apparently a light downhill ride up a 1000ft climb. I tagged along with two stills and one vid camera, a tripod and a lot of warm clothes. Chris was more than a willing subject... I only had to suggest he go and try something again and he booked it back up the mountain. It is substantially easier to get $$ photos when you have several chances, so cheers to Millatime for the efforts. We messed around with several different angles, lenses and so on, all the while Chris was learning the trail so he could make it look good for the video cam.

So if there's one thing I learnt from doing all this, it's that the likes of Sterling Lorence (google him) have the best friggin' job on the planet. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Chris Cornacchia said...

Hey Walt, Where is he riding?

Walt said...

I'm informed that it's classified information. Somewhere around Winter Park, apparently. I wasn't there, doh!