Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vacation post part 2

We spent several days in Las Cruces, and enjoyed (in no particular order):
-Riding in the excellent trail network in the Dona Anas. Kudos to the RimRattlers for building these trails - they're well routed, well maintained, and wicked fun. As good, IMO, as anything in Fruita, if not quite as extensive (yet).
-Eating at Nellie's. If you're a green chile fan, this is the best place on earth. Luckily, it was only about a 5 minute bike ride from the B&B we stayed at. Key words "Smothered, green", dudes.
-Downing a few tasty pints at the High Desert brewery. I liked the porter best. The "large" nachos cost $9, and would easily feed 4 hungry mountain bikers. Otherwise, the food is only mediocre, but the beer makes up for it.
-Visiting with my brother and checking out some ultra-ghetto swap meets. I got a bunch of Mexican vanilla extract for $3, and a couple of super good relleno burritos for $2 each. The really weird thing was that people would pull up in their big shiny SUVs to set out the random crap they were selling. How the heck do you afford an Expedition (let alone the gas) when your livelihood consists of selling garbage (and I'm not exaggerating, the stuff was generally crap) at a flea market? Maybe they were just there for fun or something.

We stayed at a B&B called "Inn of the Arts" or something along those lines, and I was unimpressed. The location was great, but I expect more than a couple of bisquick pancakes and some cheerios for "breakfast". Maybe I'm expecting too much, but the spread at HoJos looked pretty good by comparison. How hard is it to scramble a couple of eggs? Not that it mattered, though. We had plenty of good/cheap/greasy New Mexican food all around us.

Pictures from Cruces, in no particular order. Tomorrow, Hueco Tanks and Tucson!

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