Friday, March 21, 2008

Vacation 3: Hueco tanks and Cabinetlandia!

On the first day out of Las Cruces, we visited one famous place, and one not so famous place. Pictured is Sarah posing at the Gymnasium, and yours truly posing on some random scrubby problem at the Baker/Baby baker area (note the sexy Dr. Seuss boxers, ladies). We were both exhausted from a lot of riding the day before and climbed like crap - it took me several tries to do a measly 2-move V3. Pretty pathetic. Hueco, I must note, was DEAD - there were only couple other cars/climbers around. Maybe the season is already over by now? Sarah was not too impressed by the sharpness of the rock, either - we actually had more fun bouldering at Cochise stronghold, later in the trip.

Next up, we made a visit to Cabinetlandia. Not a very easy place to get to (despite the interstate in the background) but we liked the magazine so much we got a subscription. We also restocked the snackbar, so if you're around Deming, stop by and have some sample size breakfast cereal on us!

In other news, I severely sprained my ankle at the climbing gym last night and am on crutches indefinitely. That will mean some VERY slow progress on building stuff for at least the next week. My apologies for my stupidity - the timing couldn't have been worse, either, given that spring seems to finally be here. On the plus side, stay tuned tomorrow for a Spring Cleaning Blowout Sale - there's a lot of random bike crap in my garage right now that needs to be gone.

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