Thursday, January 31, 2008

A few more...

Doug's frame is almost done, here are a few more pictures (mostly for Doug, but I figured others might be vaguely interested).

The frame uses a 38mm 9/6/9mm butted downtube, ovalized out to 42x34mm at the BB shell for a little extra stiffness. Seat tube is a 31.8mm straightgauge 4130 tube, and the toptube is 32mm 8/5/8. Pretty beefy all-around - it's a huge frame. But it's still reasonably light at a little under 7 pounds with all the hardware (but no shock).


steve garro said...

hey, walt - what is the wall of the 1.25" 4130 st, and what seat post did it take? nice work! how big is this guy? thanks, steve.

Walt said...

Steve -

It's .035", with a sleeve on the top. Takes a 30.0 post (which, luckily, Thomson makes). I've done them in the past with brazed-in shims for 27.2, but Doug is solidly in the Clyde category and we felt that a bigger seatpost would be good. He's big.