Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Couple shots of Doug's 69er

Believe it or not, this is only the second 69er (or 96er, or whatever your favorite name is) I've done. A lot of people start out asking for them, but then change their minds. No idea why. I've been on the record as being not such a huge fan of the whole concept, but I certainly have no problem building them - what's right for me might not be for you. I think they would kick ass in, say, New England, or maybe the Midwest. Here in the Rockies, we tend to have a lot fewer tight turns and a lot more straight/rocky/fast stuff that rewards a big fat 29" wheel both front and rear.

In any case, random pictures. It's a HUGE (26.5" toptube) 69er full suspension bike, 4" travel front and rear. I've been welding without the pulser lately, I think the bead ends up a little smoother that way. Not that it's bad with the pulser on - but sometimes you like to switch things up a little.

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